Urakyd HT41 55SOLA

Phenolic modified short oil alkyd resin based on wood oil and linoleic rich fatty acids

Product data


In anti-corrosion primers, shop primers, quick drying industrial primers, fillers, machinery paints and synthetic enamals; in combination with non-plasticized melamine resin for oven drying industrial coatings and for metal primers meeting German Federal Railway (Bundesbahn) Standard (TL 918.300 Bl 3)

Principal properties

– drying speed
– adhesion

Delivery form

55% in Solvent Naptha 100

Product specifications

Viscosity2.5 - 3.3Pa.s2013
Color, Gardner0 - 8-2017
Solids content54 - 56%2025
Acid value, on solid0 - 15mg KOH/g2401