Urakyd HS233 Q1-85

Low VOC, air drying resin

Product data


– decorative and maintenance paints
– interior and exterior use
– high solids, low VOC decorative opaque trim paints, cat d. VOC < 300 g/L, European Directive 2004/42/CE

Principal properties

– low yellowing
– good shear-thinning rheology behavior
– very good drying speed
– good hardness
– good levelling

Delivery form

85% in de-aromatised hydrocarbon D60

Product specifications

Viscosity (physica, Z3/25/23°C)14 - 18Pa.s2013
Color acc. to ISO 4630/6271max. 8-2017
Solids content84 - 86%2025
Acid value, on solid2 - 6mg KOH/g2401