Uracron CY133 E-70

High solid hydroxy acrylic resin

Product data


Two component topcoats for industrial coatings

Principal properties

– high solid content
– gloss level
– broad compatibility with other resin types *  (most solvent borne acrylics, polyesters, CAB and NC types, compatible with most short  oil and medium oil alkyds)
– high durability
– good mechanical properties

*) compatibility character of the resin is very good; we recommend testing proposed combinations.

Delivery form

70% solids in butyl acetate

Product specifications

Viscosity, 23°C6 - 9Pa.s2013
Color, APHA0 - 100-2017
Solids content69 - 71%2038
Acid value, on solid16.5 - 21.5mg KOH/g2401