Specification change Urathix

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Urathix specification change

Dear customer, distributor or agent,

With this letter we inform you that we adapted specifications of our range of urea-thix resins. It concerns the following grades:

  • Urathix B3200 60 BAC
  • Urathix B3201 60X
  • Urathix F1200 60X-BAC
  • Urathix F1204 60X-BAC
  • Urathix F2200 60BAC
  • Urathix F2200 60X
  • Urathix F2702 60 SOLA
  • Urathix F2702 60X
  • Urathix NT5002 60X

The specifications have been adjusted, so that through the range of the products the same methods and measurements are executed. Our Certificates Of Analysis (COA) are adapted to the new situation, just like the Product Data Sheets on our website (www.synres.com).

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service officers.

With kind regards,

Gerbrand Daamen / Pieter van As
R&D Director / Marketing & Sales Director
Gerbrand.Daamen@Synres.com / Pieter.As-van@Synres.com

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