Corona update 2020-03-23

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Dear Customer,

In these extremely critical and hectic times we feel it is of utmost importance to stay connected and to keep communicating with each other.
Therefore, in follow up of earlier communication (February 14th and March 20th) about COVID-19, we would like to provide an update on the situation.

Our highest priority remains the health of our colleagues so to also ensure the supply of our products to your needs. Therefore, Synres has taken care to implement all necessary measures in order to secure business continuity.
This involves working from home for all employees (whenever possible), utmost attention to sanitary measures and social distancing at the Synres location.
As a result the Synres site is still fully operational (24/7) to meet the relatively high demand.

As of today, Synres has not experienced any serious issues with the supply of our raw materials yet. Our sourcing team has secured raw materials supply very prudently in the past years, paying highest attention to quality and accessibility always. In those situations where we do source from far-away destinations, second suppliers are in place in Europe who have good availability up to now.

Due to new and intensified border control and governmental regulations, we do observe and experience transportation delays. Next to this, oversea transport is hindered by container shortages and facing delays.

We kindly ask you to place your orders well in advance to allow our planning team to manage the available capacities.

Please, be sure that we do all we can to deliver our products at your site, on time and in full.

We do appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these difficult and unprecedented

Stay safe!

With kind regards,
Pieter van As,
Marketing & Sales Director

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