Urathix AT426 Q-65

Strong thixotropic air drying alkyd resin

Product data


– VOC 2010 Compliant Decorative paints
– VOC 2010 Compliant Decorative wood stains
– VOC 2010 Compliant Decorative Non-drip paints

Principal properties

– highly thixotropic
– suitable for use in pigment grind or hot post addition
– tolerant for addition of polar solvents
– accepts up to 10% of water without losing gel-strength

Delivery form

65% solids in de-aromatized hydrocarbon solvent

Product specifications

Color, Gardner0 - 8-2017
Solids content64 - 66%2025
Gel strength160 - 200g/cm2316L
Acid value, on solid4 - 10mg KOH/g2401