Mission, Vision and Core Values


We welcome the challenge of our industry.

We  are committed to delivering continuity to solvent borne coating and paint manufacturers.

Customizing solvent borne resins is our core business. Beyond the performance of our products, it is our dedication, specialized skills and personalized service that make the difference.



At Synres we understand that people using your coatings and paints because they want their world to last and what they value, to be durable.

How can we help to protect and preserve what your customers treasure?

What is important to you and your customers, matters to us. That is why we create high performance, customized resins that make the difference to your product. Consistently. In quality, performance and time. So, let’s talk.


Core values

Our core values are:

  • agile
  • consistent
  • entrepreneurial
  • dedicated to deliver
  • fair